Order Export Premium Edition

Order Export Premium Edition

A powerful order export tool for Magento: configurable exports into one of three versatile formats

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Blue Jalappeno Order Export Premium Edition is a more powerful version of Blue Jalappeno Order Export Community Edition extension.

The Premium Edition gives you the option to export CSV files in either verbose (one row per order item) or summary (one row per order) format. You can also export custom order attributes in the verbose format and create EU VAT-registered sales reports.

On top of this, you have the Community Edition capability to export order details in one of three pre-formatted export types:

• Standard CSV file: each order is represented by a single CSV row with full customer details, including address, contact information, payment method, shipping method, item details.

• Sage 50: sync a pre-formatted order export with your Sage 50 accounting software.

• Highrise: export direct to Highrise to update your CRM contacts and order history.

Order Export Premium Edition comes with our complimentary bronze support package and is highly recommended for commercial users.

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